The Global Effects Cool Suit System is very thin and flexible. You can put it underneath any type of wardrobe. The quick disconnect fittings facilitate quick hook up and disconnect for filming.

System covers the torso and (optionally) the head. Those are the areas that the human body gets rid of the most amount of heat. Or in the cold environment, needs to be kept the warmest in order for the rest of the body to stay warm. So we can heat and cool with this system.

The cooling system consists of vest, optional head cap and control box. In the box; a pump, a heat exchanger with a built in 20 foot extension cord for power. For convenience, a 20 foot insulated coolant extension hose with quick disconnect fittings is supplied to go from the box to the vest (and/or cap).

The first time we used the cooling system was in the movie; PREDATOR. They were filming down in Mexico, where the temperature at the set was ninety-five degrees with ninety-percent humidity.

We have also had occasions where actors have been in cold environments, such as the movie; ALIVE, where they were filming on a glacier in northern Canada. While the actors were wearing relatively light wardrobe, they used the vest underneath the actors' clothes and kept them warm. The cooling system is perfectly safe to use in water as well, to keep your talent warm.