The Watchmen Wardrobe, visual effects suit

Night in the museum, Escape from the Smithsonian Set Dressing, wardrobe

Mr. & Mrs. Smith Wardrobe, Body armour

Astronaut Farmer Wardrobe, Spacesuit

300 Wardrobe, prototype armour

Race to witch mountain Wardrobe, Bio-Hazard suits

Land of the lost Wardrobe

National Treasure 2 Set Dressing

Bones (TV Series) Set Dressing, props

Without a trace (TV Series) Set Dressing, props

Heroes (TV Series) Wardrobe

Yes Dear (TV Series) Animal suit, Actor

Year One Wardrobe, props

Meet the Spartans Wardrobe, props

Cirque du Soleil Wardrobe, spacesuits

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Deep Impact wardrobe

Space Cowboys space Suits

Mars and Beyond Space Suits,
Actor: Chris Gilman
[Link to "Mars and Beyond" Site]

Austin Powers "The Spy Who Shagged Me"
Wardrobe, Space Suits

Astronauts Wife Space Suits

From The Earth To The Moon Wardrobe, Props

Deep Impact Wardrobe

Armageddon Wardrobe

Soldier Wardrobe

Star Wars: "Episode I - The Phantom Menace" Coolsuit

Star Trek Voyager Space Suits

Stargate (TV Series) Space Suits

Seven Days (TV Series) Space Suits

Mystery Men Props

That 70's Show Props

KISS Gene Simons' Armor, Special Effect Guitars

The Visitors Props

PureSpin Golf, Inc.
Point-Of-Purchase Displays, Props

Mulan Parade/Disney Land & Disney World
Wardrobe, Lighting Effects, Props

Islands of Adventure/Universal Studios
Armor, Horse Armor

Sphere Wardrobe

Fantasy Island Super Hero Costume

NASA /JSC-EVA Project Office
Next Generation Space Suit Design

Armageddon wardrobe

I Know What You Did Last Summer props

Sphere wardrobe

Contact wardrobe

Looking For Richard wardrobe, consultant, props

Mars Attacks! makeup effects, props

Star Trek VIII-First Contact wardrobe

Kiss the Girls props

Escape from LA wardrobe, props

The Rock wardrobe, effects

Amanda wardrobe, props, technical adviser

The Juror wardrobe

Twelve Monkeys wardrobe

Indian in the Cupboard wardrobe, performer

Virtuosity wardrobe

Outbreak wardrobe, props

Casper props

Power Rangers-The Movie wardrobe

The Mask makeup effects, props

Stargate wardrobe, props

Beverly Hills Cop props

Beverly Hills Cop 3 wardrobe

Forrest Gump wardrobe

Naked Gun 33 1/3 wardrobe

Bram Stoker's Dracula wardrobe, props

Robin Hood: Men in Tights props

The Bodyguard wardrobe

Barb Wire coolsuit

Hoffa props

Batman Returns props

Batman Forever coolsuit

Hook props

Star Trek VI wardrobe

Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story props

Showdown in Little Tokyo props

Addams Family props

Rocketeer props

Mr. Destiny props

The Doors props

Back to the Future props

Shocker makeup effects

Warlock I & II props

The Blob props

Midnight Run props

Predator props, coolsuit

Witches of Eastwick props

Barr Sinister props

All I Want for Christmas coolsuit

Chasers coolsuit

Darkman props

Edward Scissorhands coolsuit

Little Man Tate props

Mortal Kombat effects

Robocop 3 props, coolsuit

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 coolsuit

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3 wardrobe

The Santa Clause props, coolsuit

The Vanishing props

Wilder Napalm coolsuit

Beastmaster 2 coolsuit

Child's Play 2 props

Dead Heat props

Exorcist 3 props

Gorillas in the Mist coolsuit

Highway to Hell props

Star Trek V coolsuit

Little Monsters coolsuit

Little Nikita coolsuit

Purple People Eater coolsuit

Silverado props

The Shadow wardrobe

Ninja Academy props

Nightmare on Elm Street III effects

Perfect Weapon props

Romancing the Stone makeup effects

Runstone coolsuit

Strange Days props

The Two Jakes props

Webber's 15 Minutes props

True Lies props

Masters of the Universe props

Matilda coolsuit

Paint it Black makeup effects, props

Space Camp prop

Holland Voyage props, effects

Hell Comes to Frog Town coolsuit

Blankman props

Devil in a Blue Dress props

Double Cross props

Best of the Best effects

The Cure props

The Guardian props

Father of the Bride II props

The 1st Power props

The Four Diamonds wardrobe

Block Party props

By the Sword props

Double Dragon props

Far North props

Kuffs props

Mom & Dad Save the World props

Red Rain props

Reckless Kelly coolsuit

Spaced Invaders miniatures, props

Hunchback of UCLA coolsuit

Lottie World props

Beowolf props

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From The Earth To The Moon wardrobe, props

Apollo 11 wardrobe, props

Weird Science wardrobe

The Burning Zone wardrobe, props

Lois & Clark props

Space: Above & Beyond wardrobe, props

Chicago Hope wardrobe

Earth 2 props

The Stand props

Star Trek: The Next Generation wardrobe, props, performer

Masked Rider wardrobe

V.R. Troopers wardrobe

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers wardrobe, props, effects

Madonna "Cherish" makeup effects

Iggy Pop "Beside You" props

Ice Cube wardrobe

Amazing Stories stunts

Guinevere props

Perfect Strangers coolsuit

Twilight Zone props

Space Rangers coolsuit

Seaquest DSV props

Late Show with David Letterman wardrobe

Fantacy Island Super hero

Sledgehammer wardrobe

Maximum Security makeup effects

Babes props

The Return of Get Smart props

Hard Time on Planet Earth props

Hardball wardrobe

The Flash props

Incredible Hulk Returns props

People Next Door makeup effects

Gong Show props

Flying Blind wardrobe

Casablanca (Pilot) props

Viper (Pilot) props

Woops! (Pilot) makeup effects

Kiss wardrobe, stage prop

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AT&T wardrobe

Chinet miniatures, puppeteering

Coca-Cola wardrobe

Cup Noodles wardrobe

Diesel Jeans makeup effects, puppeteering

Dunlop - Maxifli effects

Ford miniatures, puppeteering

Honda Civic props

Fortis Insurance wardrobe, props

Lexus wardrobe, puppeteering, makeup effects

Lindt Chocolates wardrobe, puppeteering

Mattel wardrobe, effects, performer

Mazda props

Miller Genuine Draft effects

Miller Lite props

Minolta makeup effects

Pressman Toys makeup effects, puppeteering

Terminix miniatures, puppeteering

U.S. Marine Corps wardrobe, props, consultant

409 props

Bud Lite props

Donnelly Directory effects

Foster's Light effects

GM set dressing

Keystone Beer wardrobe, props, effects

Nuprin props

Northrop wardrobe

Pizza Hut coolsuit

Pop Tarts props

Clorox 2 props

Grape Nuts coolsuit

Lowenbrau props

Osaka Gas effects

Teddy Grahams coolsuit

Toyota props

United Airlines coolsuit

Zima props

Raleigh Hills props

Libera Cigarettes sets, special effects

Carnation props, coolsuit

Chevron props, special effects

Citroen props

Virginia State Lottery props

Blue Kick Sweat Powder effects


Fancy Feast

Valio Ice Cream (Finland) wardrobe

Monopoly Game Show oversize props

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Mulan Parade / Disney Land & Disney World wardrobe, light effects, props

Islands of Adventure/Universal Studios Armor, Horse Armor

Power Rangers Live on Stage wardrobe

20th Century Fox Promotions wardrobe

U.S. Postal Service wardrobe

AT&T Final 4 "Star Wars" Party Wardrobe, Props, Entertainment

Lotai World Armor, Horse Armor

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Watchmen, Dr. Manhattan suit; interview - Chris Cilman, CEO Global Effects Inc.

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Arkansas Democrat Little Rock, March 23, 1999 "Chris Gilman"