Global Effects, Inc. has provided the highest quality props to projects big and small. Our range of work covers motion pictures, television, commercials, music videos, still ads and special projects from amusement parks to trade shows. If what you're looking for is top notch props on time and on budget, call us for a quote.
Whether its rubber props, high tech gizmos with lights or a full set of retractable knives, we've built it all.
Give us a call (818) 503-9273. We'll prop you up!

All pictures marked with this symbol , are available for rent and displayed also at our Rental Department section. For more information please click on our Rental Department link above.

Oversize & Egg shaped Base balls G4 video game award belts for "72+Sunny"
Jet Pack for Dary Queen TV commercial Jet Pack for
Helmet for XBox Vendel Shields
Period boxing gloves
Movie: Ali
Liberty crown
Movie: Miss Congeniality
Execution Bed
TV series: Without a trace
Movie: The Last Samurai
Saddles (Kura), Bows (Yumi), Quivers (Ebira), Banner poles (Nobori), Glaives (Naginata).
Movie: The Last Samurai
Saddles (Kura), Bows (Yumi), Quivers (Ebira), Banner poles (Nobori), Glaives (Naginata).
Gun holster
Japanese Quivers (Ebira)
Movie: Last Samurai
Japanese Saddles (Kura)
Movie: Last Samurai
Japanese Lantern
Disney Parade
Robot gas machine gun
Chastity belt key & Locket
Movie: Robinhood; Men in tights
Hero bag
Movie: Visitors
Movie: Visitors
Fake Photo Copier
Shoots paper out 8 feet at the rate of 17 sheets a second.
Movie: Mr. Destiny
Stunt Gun
Which one is real?
Medical Equipment
Television: Earth 2
Holographic Projector
Television: Viper
Movie: The Stand
Prop Master: Barry Franenberg
Lunar Tools
HBO/ TV Series: From the Earth to the Moon
Prop Master: John Harrington
The Mask and the Viking Box (unaged)
Movie: The Mask
Design: Chuck Russel/ Chris Gilman
Warlock Compass
Mahogany box inlaid with Ivory, Brass and Mother of Pearl
Movie: Warlock
Celtic Book
Movie: The Doors
Coin Tile
Lottie World
Blood Knifes
Movie: The Doors
Wish Machine Arcade Game. Fully functional (light up eyes, opening mouth and moving hands)
Commercial: Virginia Lottery
Design: Chris Gilman
Engraved Bowie Knife w/ leather sheath
Movie: Bram Stoker's Dracula
Design: Patrick Tatopolous
Eye Glasses for Dracula (Gary Oldman)
Movie: Bram Stoker's Dracula
Design: Eiko
Bendie Policeman
Commercial: Honda Civic
Stunt Knife Set: Real, Rubber, Aluminum, Retractable, Blood knife
Movie: Kiss The Girls
Prop Master: Barry Franenberg
Fantasy Weapon
Movie: Beowolf
Fantasy Weapon
Movie: Beowolf
Green eggs and ham