As digital effects are used more and more, Directors are finding out that computers can't do it all. Sometimes it has to be real. Since 1986, we have made all types of creatures and puppets for projects that didn't want to go digital.

So if you think "state of the art" is not all "electronic wizardry", Global Effects can help. If you do, we can show you ways to cut down on that "electric" bill. Give us a call (818) 503-9273 – We'll suit You!

All pictures marked with this symbol , are available for rent and displayed also at our Rental Department section. For more information please click on our Rental Department link above.

Alien (Martian)
Movie: Mars Attacks!
Swamp Monster
Commercial: Desiel Jeans (Europe)
Design: Patrick Tatopolous/ Chris Gilman
Nepherite Overloard
Commercial: Mutant Chronicals
Pressman Toys
Commercial: Development project
Design: Global Effects, Inc.
Polar Bear Puppet
Commercial: Lexus/ West Coast Video
Design: Mother Nature
Giant Spider
Television: Whoops! (Pilot)
Design: Chris Gilman
In house project
Design: Conner Mc Cullough