Global Effects, Inc. has been asked to produce some of the most challenging specialty wardrobe out there. "Outbreak" needed state of the art biohazard suits. When we were done, even the real Scientists were impressed. When "Star Trek: The Next Generation" needed a knight in shining armor, we got out our best iron, and when "From The Earth To The Moon" needed Space Suits that could handle the pressure, we made suits so real, not even the real Astronauts mothers could tell.
Whether period or futuristic – give us a call (818) 503-9273. We'll Suit You!

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Movie: Sky High
Royal Pain
Race to Witch Mountain
Land of the Lost
Movie: The Watchmen
Dr. Manhattan, Effects suit

Disney Movie 2003: Haunted Mansion
Hallway armor and on set stunt work.

Movie: Mr & Mrs Smith
Body armour

Movie: The Core
Movie: The Rock
Bio-Hazard suits
Movie: The Core
Shuttle ACES suits
Denver Museum
LA Magazine Movie: Black Knight Movie: Black Knight Movie: Black Knight
17th century
Cavalier Costume
12th century
Wedding Dress
Arming Coat for Al Pacino
Movie: Looking For Richard
Apollo A7L Space suit (A7L-IVA)
Apollo Missions 10-14
Cable TV: HBO; From the Earth to the Moon
Clear Suit for Bruce Willis
Movie: 12 Monkeys
Costume Designer: Julie Weiss
Stealth Body suit/ Gun Belts/ Eye Patch for Snake Plisken (Kurt Russel)
Movie: Escape from LA
Design: Robin Bush/ Global Effects, Inc.
Bio-Hazard Suit (Dustin Hoffman)
Movie: Outbreak
Costume Designer: Erica Phillips
50 suits produced
Bio-Hazard Suit
Movie: Outbreak
Costume Designer: Erica Phillips
35 suits produced
Costume For Denzel Washington
Movie: Virtuosity
Costume with helmet
Music video: For "Ice Cube"
Madame X Robot/ Chrome plated plastic armor IBM Ad campaign
2001 Spacesuits
Alpha 5 Robot
Movie: The Power Rangers Movie
20th Century Fox
Costume and mask for
TV series: Draigon-masked rider
Sabon Ent.
Fantasy Armor for Dracula (Gary Oldman)
Movie: Bram Stoker's Dracula
Design: Eiko / Chris Gilman
Cup Noodle Troopers (total of 40 built)
Commercial: Cup Noodle (Japan)
Design: Randy Gilman
Movie: Austin Powers "The Spy Who Shagged Me"
Blue jumpsuit
Movie: Contact
Futuristic Flight Suit
One of six Eagle Walkaround costumes
for Olympics-97 in Atlanta
US Post Office
Penguin Walk a round costume
Valio Ice Cream/Finland
Special project: Mulan Parade/Disney Land & Disney World
Pagoda walk a round costumes
Disney Land
Toy Solders parade costumes
"John Lennon" Character based on The Yellow Submarine movie cartoon.
Design, fabrication & production by Chris Gilman
Movie: Soldier
with Kurt Russel
Design: Erica Phillips/ Chris Gilman
Movie: Soldier
with Kurt Russel
Design: Erica Phillips/ Chris Gilman
Berry costume Chastity Belt for Leslie Nielson
Movie: Naked Gun
Mighty Morphin
TV Series: Charmed
Amazon Costumes