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What's Up Doc? Watchmen Posted on Mar 05, 2009 by Bill Dawes

Article: Popular Mechanics
The Making of Watchmen's Dr. By Erin McCarthy Published on: March 7, 2009

Article: Los Angeles Business Journal, Oct 31, 2005, by Hilary Potkewitz
Well suited: Global Effects has made its name making space outfits and helmets

Article: POSTED: 3:19 pm PST January 31, 2006 UPDATED: 7:50 am PST February 1, 2006
NASA Special Effects

Article: The New York Times By WILLIAM NORWICH Published: September 12, 1999

Article: From: Los Angeles Business Journal  |  Date: 12/18/2006  |  Author: Roberts, Allen P., Jr.
Cosmos couture: designer fashions stylish suits for space tourists.
(Orbital Outfitters)

Article: By Gloria Chang, May 21, 1999
NASA goes to the movies… for a new spacesuit

Article:Los Angeles Business Journal, By ALLEN P. ROBERTS Jr. - 12/18/2006 Los Angeles Business Journal Staff
Cosmos Couture

Watchmen, Dr. Manhattan suit; interview - Chris Cilman, CEO Global Effects Inc. (Titles leading to links below will be updated soon...)