Chris Gilman, President and founder of Global effects Inc.

Growing up in a very inspiring and creative environment, Chris' childhood dream was to be an oceanographer or astronaut. But there was something about Hollywood and the movies that drew his attention and piqued his interest. The first people to encourage him in that direction were Paul Newman and Jim Brolin, whom he met and interacted with throughout his childhood and teenage years given his parents’ involvement with Auto Racing.

Starting from his younger years Chris Gilman explored and gained valuable experience in many avenues of the aerospace and entertainment industry. Chris worked at his fathers Aerospace company learning the art of metal work; free forming, welding, machining... He also worked as a stunt man in Old Tucson. He set his goals and decided to try his wings in LA where he worked in design-, model-, wood- and plastic- shops at companies such as The Hand Prop Room, Ellis Mercantile and ISS at the same time continuing to gain more experience working as a freelance photographer, stunt man and armorer.
In 1986 he was ready to start a new company for himself.

Starting from a little garage at Hollywood Hills, Global Effects Inc. has grown to 20K square feet shop complex at North Hollywood!

Chris Gilman’s life devotion to his company has resulted in reaching great milestones such as:
• Receiving a Technical Achievement Award from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for Actor Climate System / "Cool Suit" that he and his crew developed in 1991.
• Taking on a great challenge with the opportunity to manufacture historic spacesuits replicas for the great HBO mini series "From the Earth to the Moon"
• Accepting a real world challenge project from NASA with his friend Denis Gilliam by designing and manufacturing a prototype EVA (External-Vehicular-Activity) spacesuit.

Behind the success of Global Effects Inc. is and has always been a tremendous amount of talent and devotion from a very large and talented group of people working for and with Global Effects Inc.

To all of our talent; full time and freelance, past and new
- Thank you for your wonderful work and support trough out the years getting us where we are today!

To all of our Clients, old or new
- Thank you for your continues support and we welcome all opportunities to serve you again soon!